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  1. Trade Fairs

    Trade Fairs
    Tibet House showcases its unique products at the Reed Trade Fairs. Our next reed trade fairs are: Melbourne When:  Due to COVID - 19 the fairs has been cancelled. Where: Stand No:     Sydney When:  Fair cancelled due to COVID - 19 Where: Stand No:     Tibet House Business Hours Monday to Friday 9:00am -5:00PM except public holidays
  2. Tibetan New Year Friday 12 February 2021

    Tibetan New Year Friday 12 February 2021
    Tibet House will be closed Friday 12 February 2021 for Tibetan New Year.  You can still place an order. We will be back to regular trading hours from Monday 15 February 2021  
  3. Tibetan Prayer Flags

    Tibetan Prayer Flags
    Prayer Flags Tibetan prayer flags are bright and beautiful, but their colours are not just for show and look cool.  Prayer flags are made of block-printed fabric using traditional printing techniques going back hundreds of years. All colours are meant to represent an element:  blue represents the sky, white represents the air, and red symbolizes fire, green representing water and...

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