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  1. Trade Fairs

    Melbourne August 2022. Please be advised that we will not be exhibiting at the Melbourne trade fair this weekend. If you will be down in Melbourne, we would love to see you at the warehouse. Please contact us if you would like to visit the warehouse over the weekend, otherwise our normal trading hours are Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. Any questions, please...
  2. Tibetan New Year Tuesday 21 February 2023

    Tibet House will be closed Tuesday 21 February 2023 for Tibetan New Year.  You can still place an order. We will be back to regular trading hours from Wednesday 22 February 2023  
  3. Tibetan Prayer Flags

    Tibetan Prayer Flags
    Prayer Flags Tibetan prayer flags are bright and beautiful, but their colours are not just for show and look cool.  Prayer flags are made of block-printed fabric using traditional printing techniques going back hundreds of years. All colours are meant to represent an element:  blue represents the sky, white represents the air, and red symbolizes fire, green representing water and...

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